Upvc Windows and doors are much better in many ways than their wood counterparts. Upvc Windows and doors have excellent thermal properties and are excellent at retaining heat in the winter and also keeping the heat out in summer.

Upvc Windows and doors are also very good at keeping sound out and have excellent sound insulating properties. This makes them great for homes close to busy streets allowing you to relax in peace.

Upvc Windows and doors are also very resistant to the weather and don’t shrink and expand like their wooden counterparts in the damp and in the heat. This is great news if you are currently suffering from sticking wooden doors and windows in the winter.

Upvc Windows and doors are also great value when compared to wooden windows and doors due to the current price of solid wood.

Upvc is a very resilient material and extremely easy to maintain unlike wood. It is very resistant to staining and is very easy to clean. .

We are finding more and more that it is not just residential properties that are benefiting from Upvc windows and doors but the commercial sector are now choosing Upvc due to its toughness and low cost. At Superior Glass Services we are experienced in both residential and commercial sectors.