5 ways of brightening your home

With Summer on the way many people begin to think about ways of letting in that short lived sunlight into their homes. Often you will find that there are areas of your home that have no access to natural light and as a consequence can appear gloomy and dull.

Harrogate Superior Glass have highlighted a few ways to make sure every corner of your home feels bright and airy.

Strategic Mirrors

Placing bespoke mirrors in key areas will channel the available light further into your home and will maximise the level of natural light. Larger isn’t necessarily better as even small mirrors can contribute to redistributing the light around your home. In kitchens, having a glass splashback or glass worktops is an ideal way of reflecting natural light and brightening the cooking area.

Clear The Path

You’ll already have windows in your home but a lot of the time we don’t utilise the light transmitted by them efficiently. Having thick curtains and things like large plants and furniture bordering your windows will absorb and block the natural ambient light that we want to transmit through the house.

Fresh Paint

Paint makes a big difference and tired looking, dull paint on walls will absorb the light you're trying to maximise. It’s not just about the walls, frames on double glazed panes can dull over time and need refreshing.

All paints are not the same and spending a little more money can make all the difference. For example, Dulux Ultra White paint contains light reflective particles which reflect up to twice as much light as their standard paint.

Replacing or Enlarging Windows

Older windows can have heavy set frames and smaller panes of glass. Having bespoke glass made to measure allows the use of smaller frames and larger panes of glass. This will increase the light entering your home. It is also an ideal time to upgrade to UPVC windows and doors to increase the thermal efficiency of your home.


This could be seen as quite an extreme move but sometimes there is no way to find natural light in a room. Roof windows or skylight windows such as Velux can bring a huge amount of light into dull hallways and loft bedrooms. They are also great for improving the flow of cool air on warm summer days and nights.

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