Our guide to keeping cool this summer

At Harrogate Superior Glass we more than understand the trickeries of the British weather, where it can be raining and freezing one day and blistering the next! With it being the time of year where it is more likely to be latter we have come up with some ways of cooling off your home!

Loosen up

The first and easiest way to cool off your home is to free up some air flow. Opening windows and doors is the quickest way to get a breeze into your house and cool off.


If you have Upvc windows already, there is a good chance you may have vents fitted in the surrounding frame. Leaving these open during both the day and night is a great way to regulate the summer temperature while still being able to lock the windows for security.


Sounds crazy but the lighting in your home has a direct impact on the temperature in your home and even the environment on a whole. Using conventional incandescent lighting wastes a great amount of energy as heat and if you have ever tried to change a lightbulb that has recently been on i’m sure you will agree! And as conventional light bulbs are so inefficient, they require more electricity to power them resulting in a higher use of fossil fuels and more atmospheric pollution. Changing your bulbs for LED units won’t just help keep your home cool but also the planet.


In rooms like conservatories or rooms where the glazing is directly met by the sun can contribute greatly to the temperature inside your home and in the case of conservatories can make them unbearable in the midday sun! Having window tint fitted to the glass can add an effect similar to sunglasses and can reduce the light entering the room by 50% thus reducing the heat created in the room.

The Venetian effect

Adding blinds to windows is a great way to allow control of the light entering your property and allows you to control the level of privacy in a room as well. They not only work well but look great as well!

New glazing

It may be time to bite the bullet if it’s just too warm in the summer and have your glazing upgraded to units that allow a greater range of opening or additional venting options.

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