Should you be worried about window condensation?

Condensation on windows is a regular occurrence in homes and people tend to view it as a normal thing. But is it simply just something that happens in every home or is it a symptom of an underlying problem? We take a look at factors that can contribute to condensation in your home and ways that they can be minimised.

Firstly it is important to establish if the condensation is on surface of the glass and can be wiped off. If this is not the case and the condensation is within the panes of the double glazing then unfortunately you must have the glass replaced by a specialist. Upvc windows rely on a near vacuum between the panes of glass to provide their insulating properties and if moisture is present then the vacuum has been compromised and the window is actually no longer insulating you from the temperature outside.

Should the moisture be easily removed with a cloth then we can look at the other factors in the home that can cause condensation.

  1. Too little airflow

It would make sense that condensation could be caused by the house having poor insulation allowing the cold and damp to get in but with modern homes this can actually be the total opposite. Insulation, windows and doors in new homes in are so efficient these days that they can actually prevent proper airflow leading to condensation caused by damp emitted from showers, cooking and even our own bodies to show on windows. Leaving some windows on safety latches at opposite ends of the house will promote air to circulate as well as leaving internal doors open will help prevent window condensation.

2. Pay attention when cooking

As we cook food most days in our homes it is easy to overlook the effect it has on the environment inside. Boiling liquids produces vast quantities of steam and with nowhere to go can soak into walls and furnishings. This then reappears in windows when the temperature reduces in the house. When cooking you must have an effective extractor unit that expels cooking vapour out ot the outside world either through a window vent or hole in the wall.

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