Modernising your glass without modernising your vintage home

What do you do If you own a vintage style or older home and need to modernise your leaky and cold original single glazing but don’t want to ruin the aesthetic appeal of the originals?

Modern Upvc double glazing these days are brilliant and can retain a huge amount of heat in the winter, and coolness in the summer and can freshen up the appearance of most post 1960’s home designs. But what If your home is pre or post war or a vintage rural farmhouse? Upvc glazing would look out of place and could possibly damage the resale value of your property.

Luckily there are a few options available, and here at Harrogate Superior Glass we specialise in keeping the aesthetic look of your home while improving your homes thermal retention and weatherproofing.

Upvc Alternative Sash Windows

For non-historic applications one of the best thermally efficient but least aesthetic option is to install thin frame Upvc sash windows that are of a similar design to the original single glass designs. This however won’t look the best as even with the thinner Upvc frames they tend to look thicker than the originals but the thermal efficiency is maximised.

Secondary Glazing

Due to our location in Harrogate we have a great deal of experience upgrading the glazing in historic properties such as rural farmhouses and pre 1900’s town-houses. Our prefered method for retaining the outside aesthetic appeal of the original glazing is to install secondary glazing behind the originals. IBy using secondary glazing thermal conductivity is maximised (by up to 65%) while keeping the original glazing on the outside and your properties aesthetic appeal intact. As a by product to this system safety is increased due to the tough aluminium framing of the secondary glazing and the toughened strength of the secondary double glazing. Sound is also reduced due to the insulative properties of the secondary double glazing meaning a much quieter and peaceful living environment. This is especially useful in tight, historic towns where windows can be close to roads and traffic.

So there are options available to keep your historic or vintage home looking the way it should and here at Harrogate Superior Glass we would advise and can install secondary glazing in a way that impacts on your property in a minimalistic way.

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