Harrogate Glass

Looking for bespoke glass or mirrors in the Harrogate area? At  Harrogate Superior Glass we are specialists in tailor made glass and bespoke mirror installations. Our bespoke and tailor made glass installation can be found all over Harrogate and Yorkshire in private residencies and many commercial properties. We work closely with our clients and consistently achieve extremely high quality results on even the most complex glass installations. At Harrogate Superior Glass we also have extensive experience in glass repairs as well and we respond to emergency call outs for those unavoidable accidents!

Harrogate Glass

At Harrogate Superior Glass we are experts at repairs and window upgrades in sensitive properties such as historic and rural buildings where the appearance would be forever altered with conventional Upvc windows. We have over 5 years experience installing all types of glass work in Harrogate including bespoke mirrors, Bespoke glass work such as glass walls and rooms, glass balustrades, glass juliette balconies, Glass kitchen splash backs and custom shower screens and enclosures.

Harrogate Glass

At Superior Glass Harrogate we use only the highest quality toughened glass and mirrors. Our mirrors are the highest quality float glass, silvered and protected to meet the highest standards of EU regulations for quality control. At Superior Glass Harrogate we are able to design and make any size/style of mirror you require whether that be a single bespoke unit or larger quantities for commercial use.

Harrogate Glass

If you would like to know more about the services we can provide take a look at our recent work page. 

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