Bathrooms and shower rooms are an important part of a person’s home that can be overlooked. Modern showers can be very powerful so it is important to deal with the spray they create by having a glass shower screen or glass enclosure installed.

Glass shower screens and glass enclosures are also a great way to modernise a bathroom as they can be made using coloured glass and can enclose the shower in a spacious and stylish way.

At Superior Glass Services we work closely with our clients to ensure the best design for the application and for our glass shower screens and enclosures we only use the finest, toughened glass.


A popular trend in modern homes is to have a wet room with no properly defined shower area. These rooms typically need large bespoke glass shower screens and glass enclosures and at  Superior Glass Services this is something we have a great deal of experience and expertise with.


At Superior Glass Services we strive to provide the highest standard for our customers and can consult on the design and offer free quotations when you are choosing an installer for your glass shower screens or glass enclosures so please do not hesitate to give us a call with your requirements.​