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Glass Balustrades are a great way to modernise the interior or exterior of your business or home. Interior glass balustrades add light to the transitional area between floors and can bring any property into the 21st century. By using toughened glass these provide additional security to standard balustrades where pets and children can be at risk from falling through a traditional banister. They are also great in mezzanine office areas where separating downstairs and upstairs noise is a benefit to conducting business. Interior Balustrades can also be made using toughened curved glass such as on spiral staircases.

Exterior glass balustrades allow excellent visibility from balconies and terraces. They don’t just look great, they allow a lot more light to enter windows behind and can really lighten up upstairs interiors. Exterior glass balustrades can also be created using our curved glass. To create our interior and exterior glass balustrades we use only toughened high quality certified glass to ensure the highest standards of safety and clarity.

We supply and install individually tailor made glass balustrades to help maximise your property's full potential and allow you to revamp old hallways and entrance halls in turn opening up more space and transforming your home's interior.

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We also supply and install exterior terrace and patio balustrades to add an elite feature to your balconies, terraces and patios

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