Curved Glass

By adding curved glass to your business premises, office or home you add a modern and light feeling. Curved glass is formed to follow the contours of a curved wall or partition allowing meeting spaces to have an organic and modern feel. Curved glass is great for the front of a premises as it breaks up the straight lines of conventional buildings and really makes for a stand out statement. 

If you are interested in a curved glass installation for you business or home in the Harrogate area do not hesitate to contact Harrogate Superior Glass for a free quotation.

Curved glass is available from Specialist Glass in three forms:

We can provide made to measure curved glass supplied directly from Specialist Glass. The curved glass panes are treated so that they are high strength and safe to protect your premises and to remain clear and insulative. Curved glass is becoming more and more popular in Harrogate and at Harrogate Superior Glass we specialise in custom and bespoke installations of curved glass for our clients. 

Our custom-made curved glass can be used in a variety of applications in different settings, including laminated glass for business fronts, curved glass for office windows and bespoke glass for shower screens.

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