Bespoke mirrors are a great way to expand the feel and character of your home as they reflect available light and not only look great but can make your home feel larger. This can be accomplished by having mirrors in key places around your home to make use of available light from windows and hall ways. Bespoke mirrors can be cut to shape and fit in with the design of your home, or they can even be incorporated into objects like standard picture frames and cabinet fronts along with being inset into doors and cavities. 

The use of mirrors in homes have always been popular but more so in recent years. At Superior Glass Services we can install bespoke mirrors that will maximise the personalisation of your home and create your own ideal space. Bespoke mirrors or ‘made to measure mirrors’ are cut from the highest quality mirror glass and fitted carefully to not only cover wall space but fit into any shape or location in your home. Our mirror's are available in a huge and varied selection of quality finishes such as coloured and antique styles.